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About Us

Diversity and Tolerance

Dynamic, modern and located in beautiful suburban Taipei on Tian Mu E. Rd. in Shin-lin, Tian Mu Junior High School, founded in 1991, has earned a solid reputation as one of the foremost middle schools for our diversified courses and a strong school team. Today, we have grown into a school with 60 regular classes, 2 special classes (approximately 2200 students), and 138 faculty members.

In Taipei, Tian Mu is a place famous for its exotic atmosphere and multi-cultures. Therefore, in addition to the usual courses, our teacher team is continuing providing diversified and innovative courses combined with abundant community resource and the support of parents. Also, owing to our location, respecting every student・s uniqueness and teaching he or she to tolerate and enjoy the diversity are what we are striving toward. That・s the reason why we・d like to set the two words, :diversity; and :tolerance; as our main educational ideas.

Beyond the regular curriculum, Tian Mu children are encouraged to take part in multiple and vibrant extracurricular activities. For example, many art courses are designed to stimulate and develop students・ creativity and talents. Tian Mu String, Wind and Recorder Ensembles are often the best performers in our neighborhood. Besides, many counseling programs are welcomed and helpful to our students.

In a word, we try our best to provide our children with the best learning environment, creative teaching and a warm atmosphere. Hope that our students will be an outstanding citizen of the new century.

Our Educational Ideas

To respect every student・s uniqueness.

To teach students the caring attitude toward the environment and the needed.

To develop students・ infinite creativity.

To enhance our teachers・ professional properties.

Tian-Mu Junior High School, PO Box 111, No. 120, Tian-Mu East Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-28754864